Who is More Creative in the Kitchen: Men or Women?


It’s no secret that the majority of the world’s top chefs are men, and it obvious that men have dominated in the area of professional cooking. However we want to know who is more creative in the kitchen?

Cooking at Home

In a home setting women are often cooking as part of a family duty, producing approximately 1000 meals per year on average. For women the kitchen is not a time of luxury, but simply another task in their home. This causes women to tend to put together quick meals that may be dull but are providing nutrients for their families. Women who cook at home are often precise and follow instructions carefully.

Men tend to have a more creating view when cooking at home; they enjoy food more and approach cooking as something pleasurable. Men also tend to use more gadgets and are messier cooks that women. The use of different tools and ingredients may lend to their being more creative while creating their meals.

Cooking in a Professional Setting

In a professional environment it is a fact that there are more male chefs than females. Over the last 10-15 years there has been a shift in this trend and more females are becoming chefs. In restaurant kitchens there still tends to be a defining line of men taking the lead in creativity, while women cook with their heart and souls. Baking is one area where you will often find women doing the majority of cooking.

While men may be thought to be more creative gender in the kitchen, anyone with a passion for food and good source for quality ingredients can be a great cook. Cooking styles are also a function of training, experience and personality.

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