Types of Chocolate

The term “chocolate” encompasses a range of products that are derived from cocoa and mixed with other ingredients. The types of chocolate are determined by the amount of cocoa used in each product. These product names can be subject to government regulations depending on the country. The following information is for the United States chocolate classification.

Baking Chocolate is also known was “unsweetened chocolate” and is pure chocolate liquor mixed with some form of fat to produce the solid substance. It is used for making cakes, brownies, cookies and other confections.  It may also be called bitter or cooking chocolate.

Dark Chocolate is created by adding fat and sugar to cocoa.  It has little to no milk added.  Dark chocolate can be eaten as is or used for cooking.  It is the same as semisweet or extra dark with bittersweet; however the ratio of cocoa butter to solids can differ.  Because dark chocolate contains a great amount of cacao it is considered to be healthier than other types of chocolate.

Milk Chocolate is probably the most common type of chocolate.  It is produced with milk in the form or powder, liquid or condensed milk.  The U.S. requires a minimum of 10% concentration of chocolate liquor.  However, the origin of the milk chocolate we know today is considered to Spain.

White Chocolate consists of sugar, milk, and cocoa butter; it does not include the cocoa solids.  White chocolate is technically not chocolate and is a pale yellow or ivory color.  In 2004, the FDA established the rules for labeling white chocolate.  It is used in candy bars, baking, as well as being eaten as is.

Raw Chocolate is chocolate that has not been processed, heated, or mixed with any other ingredients.  It is found in countries that grow chocolate, but found less often in other countries.

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