Trends in Chocolate

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When you think of sweets or chocolate in particular, a lot of our thoughts tend to head in the direction of women liking this confection.  However a UK study by Mintel showed that 87% of men admit to eating chocolate (compared to 91% of women).  As the chocolate industry expand there are lot more options available to the men who enjoy chocolate.

Beer and Chocolate

Most men love beer.  Pair a dark stout with chocolate and the bitterness of the beer with balance well with the chocolate flavors.  Porters, Pumpkin stouts, and other full flavored dark beers compliment the chocolate better than light beer varieties.  Not only does this work great for cakes, but the flavors work well in decadent truffles as well.

Chocolate and Bacon or French Toast

Sweet and savory.  This combination is very rich and works well in small portions, such as cake pops.  Sinful Sweets offers a “Breakfast of Champions” cake pop that is French toast cake with maple icing, dipped in white chocolate and topped with bacon.  Chocolate covered bacon is also hugely popular and can be found in a variety of chocolate confections.

Chilies Dipped in Chocolate

If you like it spicy this one is for you! A pop of heat in dark chocolate is growing in popularity.  The hint of heat in the chocolate is great for those who love spicy foods.  These tend to start of sweet before the heat of the peppers kick in.

Whisky and chocolate

This might be the ultimate flavor combination if you are lover of good whisky. This is one treat that usually isn’t considered too sweet.  Not only does whisky taste great with chocolate, but it’s an excellent addition to toffee.

Chocolate is a huge industry and it’s not just for the holidays or women anymore.  Take time to sample the different trends and discover something new with this ever changing treat. Stop by Sinful Sweets Chocolate Company in Pittsburgh or shop online at to try the above flavor combinations and more!