Top Reasons Why You Should Visit the Steel City

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Before the summer comes to end, you might find yourself with time for one more road trip. Consider jumping in the car and heading to Pittsburgh, PA.  Below are just five of the many reasons to visit this city.


Whether or not you are sports fan it’s easy to get excited about a city nicknamed the “City of Champions”.  Pittsburgh bleeds black and gold for our three professional sports teams – the Steelers, the Penguins and the Pirates.  When we aren’t busy rallying for these teams you can find us supporting our amateur, college, or high school teams.


If you enjoy the city, check out the surrounding neighborhoods.  There is a reason why Pittsburgh is voted of the most livable cities! Take your pick of an academic outlet like Oakland or a fun night out on the South Side.  The Strip District is a popular area known for its ethnic foods and culture. Don’t forget a trip to upcoming areas such as Lawrenceville!


From art to science to history, we have you covered!  Pittsburgh is home to the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History and the Carnegie Science Center.  Other options include the Heinz History Center, the Andy Warhol Museum and the Mattress Factory.


There are many foods that got their start in Pittsburgh.  Not only are we home to the “almost famous” Primanti Brother’s sandwich, but we’ve also laid claim to Heinz Ketchup, Clark Bars, Iron City Beer and Klondike Bars.  Looking for something less well known?  Check out one of the many areas of Pittsburgh for unique takes on dining or find a new favorite sweets shop.


From the Golden Triangle, Mt. Washington, or driving into the city through one of the many tunnels or bridges the view is spectacular! Pittsburgh has the three rivers, the skyline and many parks adding to the unique topography that makes it one great city to call home.