Top Chocolate Industry Trends


The chocolate industry is not only a tasty industry to be part of, but also a resilient industry.   Chocolate businesses are part of a sector that can provide services for gift giving, bulk candy sales, premium or custom confections, on-site baking, and ethical and environmental products.  With such a widely popular industry you must keep on top of the current craze in order to stand apart from the competition.

Top Five Trends

  1. Pure Chocolate – An increases desire for clean label products has risen over the past years.  These types of products are also becoming easier to find as they are more widely available.  Check your labels for UTZ certified product which can usually be found in dark packaging.
  2. Green – No one wants to eat green colored chocolate, but chocolate made from sustainable resources is very popular. Alternatives to seeing a product labeled at “green” are: Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, or statements that display a commitment to reduce energy, water use, or cut down on packaging.
  3. Location is the key to any successful business – Not only is the location of your chocolate company important these days, the origin of your ingredients is equally important to your consumers.
  4. Premium Products – This trend is not only popular at the current time, but is expected to continue to grow in importance. Launching premium products can be just the push your brand needs.
  5. Age is only a number – Is forty really the new twenty? When women in their 40s are looking for a new way to stay younger longer chocolate could be the answer!  Dark chocolate has a high antioxidant content that offers health benefits. 

An ethically responsible store can cater to health-conscious customers in a variety of ways.  The trends described above are only a few of the many ways to win in the current market.  It’s also important to keep in mind that no matter what fad you are part of, nothing can beat the taste of simply, great tasting chocolates