Top 5 Occasions to Gift Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Chocolate covered strawberries are a fantastic gift for almost any time of year. A strawberry hand dipped in chocolate is bound to be a sweet treat that almost everyone can appreciate. With a wide array of different chocolate covered strawberries such as white, milk, dark, or candy topped chocolate strawberries you get a dessert that is perfect for almost everyone’s taste. Here are some of the top occasions that you can give chocolate covered strawberries to someone:

  • Valentine’s Day: Chocolate covered strawberries are a great twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day candy. With the help of a dozen chocolate covered strawberries you can enjoy a romantic gift of fresh fruit and chocolate together. They pair great with champagne as well, including our champagne heart truffles
  • Birthday: A birthday party with milk chocolate covered strawberries is always a nice addition to birthday cake. For those with a taste for bitter and sweet, you may want to consider getting the dark chocolate covered strawberries. Strawberries covered in chocolate can make an excellent addition to any gift as well and will make the birthday person feel extra special on their day. Not sure you want to pass up the cake? Cupcakes topped with strawberries are a big hit too. 
  • Graduation: Chocolate strawberries can be a great graduation present for the person being honored. Or some hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries shared with friends are a great way to celebrate and keep your energy high during a graduation ceremony. They also a reputation for making an event feel special.
  • Anniversary: Enjoying chocolate covered strawberries and some champagne on your anniversary is always a great way to set the mood for romance. Chocolate covered strawberries are a classically romantic gift as well as something that’s fun to share. With the variety of option of hand dipped chocolates, you can be sure there will be an option that you and your significant other will enjoy.
  • Dinner Parties: Leaving a chocolate covered strawberry on the side of a plate for a dinner party can make for excellent garnish or even a course on its own. Your guests will be pleased with the option of something sweet that then can savor after the meal.

Consider these five occasions (and more) for purchasing chocolate covered strawberries and remember to stop by Sinful Sweets for the freshest ones around! Call ahead for special orders, (412) 235-7865.