Throwback Thursday: The History of the Candy Bar


You’re standing in the checkout line of your local store, you look to your left and see a selection of various candy bars.  The temptation to pick out your favorite enters your mind and as you reach for it you start to wonder about the history of candy bars.  Below is a brief line line of how chocolate bars came to be what they are today.

1847 – The first chocolate bar was molded from a chocolate paste at Fry’s Chocolate Factory, England.

1849 – John Cadubury introduces a chocolate candy bar

1875 – Milk Chocolate was invented by Henry Nestle and Daniel Peter, by adding milk to the chocolate a less bitter chocolate was produced.

1879 – Lindt makes a candy bar that “snaps” when broken and it melts in your mouth, this was done through the addition of cocoa butter.

1900 – The Hershey Bar is invented by Milton Hershey.   This marks the beginning of the mass produced American candy bar.

1916 – Clark Bar, Pittsburgh’s original candy bar, hits the market.

1923 – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are invited; who know they would come in so many holiday shapes!  This was also the year for Butterfinger and Milky Way.

1925 – The Baby Ruth and Oh Henry! both hit the market, as well as Mr. Goodbar.

1930 – The Snickers bar was invented.

1932 – This year brought the invention of the Three Musketeers, the original formula was later changed in 1945.

1933 – The Kit Kat was invented, I’m sure in 1933 they had no idea they would be partnering with Android in 2013!

1938 – The Nestle Crunch bar was invented.

Today there are many different brands and varieties of chocolate bars on the market.  While many of these bars exist today, there are a lot of great specialty chocolates as well that are worth sampling.  Sinful Sweets offers many varieties of candy bars in white, milk and dark chocolate.