Things Are About to Heat Up, Cool Down with Sweet Treats


As we are nearly a month into the spring season, it is only a matter of time before the pavement starts to heat up and it’s time to cool down with a nice cold treat on a hot day. With a wide variety of ice cream you can order up you favorite flavor in a cone, milkshake, or malt (chocolate is our top pick!) and more you can really enjoy a relaxing day with the help of a refreshing ice cream treat.

As if ice cream doesn’t sound like a great enough plan for a warm day in Pittsburgh, ice cream and milkshakes can actually have a number of different advantages for keeping you cooler and for your health.

1. Ice cream is loaded with vitamins.
Although most people think the extra fat in ice cream it actually has a number of essential nutrients and minerals. Ice cream is filled with calcium which can benefit the cardiovascular system, promote healthy bones, and muscle function. In addition it contains vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D and E. Adding in frozen, fresh fruit, or chocolate dipped toppings can increase the amount of nutrients you get out of this delicious dessert too!

2. It can give you extra energy.
It can be very easy to start feeling sluggish on a hot day. With the help of ice cream it’s possible to get more energy that you need for activity. Ice cream may be high in fat but it also has proteins and carbohydrates which can give you a really great boost of energy. Add a little chocolate to your order for an extra boost.

3. Ice cream can make you happy.
Eating ice cream can actually make us happy. Researchers at the Institute of Psychiatry in London monitored brain activity of subjects that were eating vanilla ice cream. As soon as the subjects took a bite of ice cream the pleasure center in the brain was activated showcasing the people are actually happier as they eat ice cream! How soon will you be enjoying your next bowl?

With these benefits and more for getting ice cream to cool down on a hot day you may have even more justification to pick up a Sundae, milkshake or malt today. With some many choices, don’t forget to try our chocolate, cupcakes, fudge and more!