The Skinny on Eating Chocolate


How often do you find yourself indulging your sweet tooth with chocolate?  A recent study state that those who eat chocolate in moderate amounts on a regular basis and slimmer than those who eat chocolate less often.

Recently a study was done on over 1,000 health men and women that regularly exercise and ate a balance diet.  The study found that the individuals eating chocolate five times a week had a Body Mass Index (BMI) one point lower than those who did not regularly consume chocolate.

Exciting news for chocolate lovers?

Though a one point difference in BMI may not sound significant this could translate to five less pounds for a person that is only 5 foot tall, and 7 pounds for someone measuring in at 5’10”.  The results of the study were published in Archives of Internal Medicine.  This study analyzed data based on the amount of chocolate people reported that they ate, and was not a controlled study.

Past research on chocolate consumption, had shown that dark chocolate can be beneficial for the heart.  There was research done on over 100,000 people that conclude that those who ate dark chocolates regularly had reduced their risk of heart disease by one third.  Neither of these studies received funding from a chocolate company.

Think Before You Eat

Though chocolate is made from cocoa, which contains antioxidants or flavonoids that can help fight inflammation, lower blood pressure and improve vascular function you need to be aware of other side effects.  Chocolate can aid in metabolism and improve insulin sensitivity, but can also have negative results if you are consuming too much chocolate.  Remember, a little bit can go along way!  Limit yourself to 1 ounce of dark chocolate per day or try adding cocoa powder to foods and coffee.  An occasional treat might just be the way to keep your weight in check.