Sweet Summer Treats

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As the days are heating up, there is nothing like taking a bite of your favorite chocolate candy, tasting the sweet flavors, and slipping into a summer daydream.  Eat slowly, taste the chocolate melting in your mouth and enjoy!

Biting into a sweet, ripe fruit is a common summer pastime. We’re are giving you the best of both worlds with our fruit creams.  Our lemon creams, might not bring a pucker  to your face like a cool glass of lemonade would, yet it’s still a mouth pleaser.  We also offer creams in blueberry, strawberry, and orange.  Sweet fruit cream on the inside and premium chocolate on the outside makes this indulgence worth skipping the line at the local fruit stand.

Another popular summer activity is the barbecue   If you are looking for something unique to take to the next one you attend, look no further than our chocolate dipped potato chips!  Chips and dip are a classic food for BBQ’s, but this twist will surely be the winner.  Desserts are also often a big hit at picnics.  Instead of bringing an expected pie or cake,  Key Lime cake pops are a welcomed substitute. Other popular summer flavors are Pineapple, Lemon or Carrot Cake cake pops.

Road trips are another thing that goes hand in hand with all the summer fun you are bound to have.  One thing you don’t want to forget is the snacks!  Chocolate dipped pretzels, chocolate covered nuts and candies are tasty treats for when you are on the go.  A little chocolate can go a long way for keeping everyone happy during a drive.

Sinful Sweets Chocolates can be purchased from our downtown Pittsburgh candy store and online at sinfulsweetspgh.com.  Remember summer is all about having fun and we are here to help you create the best summer memories.