With a large community of chocoholics, what is the person that loves sweets and spice to do?  At Sinful Sweets Chocolate Company we have the perfect solution for you.  You might be familiar with our traditional chocolate dipped items, but did you know we also offer dark chocolate dipped chili peppers?

Chili peppers, also known as “chilies”, originated in the Americas and have been part of our diets since as early as 7500 BC.  Christopher Columbus was one of the first Europeans to come across chili peppers.  He referred to them as “peppers” due to their spicy taste.  After they were introduced to Europe the monks began to experiment with their culinary potential.  The growth of chili peppers continued to spread to India, Central Asia, Turkey and other countries.

The recent trend of chocolate covered chilies is not the only the only culinary instance where these two opposites have come together.  In Mexico, moles is a sauce that contains chili peppers, spices, chocolate and more.  The legend says that the dish was created to serve to the archbishop.

Today you can find chocolate infused into many recipes.  If you are ready to spice things up, this Valentine’s Day season we recommend gifting (get a few for yourself while you are at it) a few of our chili peppers dipped in dark chocolate.  This confection starts of sweet and ends with a bite.  If you like spicy, this treat is for you!