Steps to Make Homemade Hot Chocolate


As we are heading into Spring the days are getting warmer, but the early mornings and evenings are still the perfect time for a cup of homemade hot chocolate. Hot chocolate, also known as cocoa, is typically made from shaved chocolate, milk and sugar. The hot chocolate you purchase in the packets at the store tends to be less sweet and has a thicker consistency. Some call this form of hot chocolate “drinking chocolate”.

Chocolate beverages are believed to have originated approximately 2,000 years ago and were essential to the Aztec culture. The drink was introduced to Europe and gone through many changes since then. Today in the United States, the most popular form is the instant packets and is often topped with whipped cream, marshmallows or even a solid piece or chocolate.

Hot chocolate can be made with dark, semisweet or bitter chocolate. Follow the steps below to create the perfect cup. No time to make your own? Stop by Sinful Sweets Chocolate Company and we will handcraft a delicious cup just for you!