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Sinful Sweets Store Front

I have a confession to make: I love chocolate! Always have, always will. From the perfect snap of a high quality chocolate bar, to the tobacco notes of a rare cacao varietal to the glossy sheen of a gorgeously enrobed confection, there is not much about this candy that I can say I do not enjoy. Because of the passion I have for chocolate, Sinful Sweets Chocolate Company became a reality in the fall of 2011. Working in this industry is not a job to be; it’s a way of life. Not only am I lucky enough to have an unlimited supply of chocolate to eat, but I get to create them and share my job with others. I know, I am a very lucky man.

Creating, what can be considered an edible art form, with chocolate requires a great amount of detail and patience. The process begins with a wonderful transformation of temperature, ingredients, and sometimes, good old luck. It’s all about inspiration and practice, practice, practice. I never stop thinking about what my next product with be. For me inspiration can come in almost any form.

Sinful Sweets started out in a small location in Lawrenceville, right outside of the city. As our customer base grew, I found out that I would need to a new location. This opportunity lead me to finding a larger store front in Cultural District in downtown. At the time, it seemed like a huge step in my business, but now I am fortunate to have a convenient location with a lot of foot traffic. Not only has my clientele grown, but I also have more room to expand what I can offer.