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When you introduce people to truly exquisite chocolates they will be won over instantly and forever. But taste and technique only tell part of the story.

This adventure began for me when I walked into a small candy store in Greenwood Lake NY candy called Roy’s.Candy Counter

I have such great memories of this tiny store and the owner. As kids we would walk in with any change we could dig up to buy a couple pieces of candy.  Chocolate and candy has left such a positive impact on my life. There is love in candy, passion that can only be found if you go to the right place.

Our store is built on the foundation of family and friends. We continue to perfect our products while offering some of the traditional hand dipped candies we know from our past. Roy used to make us kids add up how much we owed him and if we gave him a 5 dollar bill he would make us figure out our change until we got it right. I hated this at the time, but grew to appreciate it. What a great man! It just so happens that during this same time period my uncle opened a chocolate factory in Chicago. I used to look forward to the candy packages every Christmas and my birthday.

Pretzel Bags

In early 2011 I began to dedicate my life to the candy business. I have created wedding arrangements, birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and baby showers. Candy has left something on my heart that cannot be erased and I hope to give a little of that to you when you stop in our store.

Thanks for helping us continue to be successful. We hope you like what we do and will continue to support us with your purchases and referrals.