Now Serving: Cupcakes


Trends come in go in all facets of life, but cake, cake is here to stay. A sweet, fluffy confectionary topped with rich and creamy icing…how does it get any better? The cupcake. A single, serving escape from the daily stresses of life. And now you can get yours at Sinful Sweets Chocolate Company.

The Background

Cupcakes are first mentioned in a recipe from 1796 that called for a called for a cake to be baked in small cups. The term “cupcake” was coined in 1828 in a cookbook titled “Seventy-five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats”.

In the 19th-century muffin tins were not widely available and cupcakes were often baked in individual cups, molds, or ramekins – lending the cups that they were baked in, to their name. Today the name has remained and we call any cake that is approximately the size of a teacup a “cupcake”.

A second type of “cup cake” was also popular at this time and references a cake in which the ingredients were measured by volume, not weighed. The recipe was based off the standard-sized cup and could also be baked in cups, tins, or loaves. It wasn’t until later years that it became the standard for recipes to be in volume form.

Styles of Cupcakes

Today cupcakes are much more elaborate than the 1234 cup cakes of yesteryears. The invention of paper liners, availability of muffin tins, and creativity of bakers as lead to an explosion in the popularity of cupcakes. With many different flavors of cake, icing topped high, and decorations adorning them, you can find a cupcake in almost any theme or flavor you desire.

Cupcakes aren’t for those looking to indulge in the basic yellow or chocolate cake. Cupcakes are now in every flavor combination imaginable. It is common to find sweet and savory combinations like caramel paired with crisp bacon or seasonal favorites like pumpkin.  Another popular idea is the cupcake cake.  This is when cupcakes are decorated in shaped in a way to form a shape or picture.

Shop Sinful Sweets Chocolate for your favorite cupcake flavors. From traditional to extraordinary we use the highest quality ingredients you’d expect to find. Chocolate has found a new friend, and it’s cupcakes. We bet it’s hard to pick just one!