The Meaning Behind Easter Traditions


While Easter can have a deep religious meaning for many people, to others Easter means chocolate and the tradition of candy filled Easter baskets. In fact, you may have carried out these traditions for years but not have known exactly where they come from. If you have ever wondered why people give away Easter chocolates, try to find the Easter Bunny, dye or hide Easter eggs,or use Easter baskets, keep reading to find out the answers to these questions and more.

The History of the Easter Bunny

Some have suggested that the story of the Easter Bunny comes from a pagan celebration of spring. In an ancient story a bird was experiencing difficulty from the harsh climate of winter so it turned into a rabbit so it could keep warm. The rabbit was still able to lay eggs like a bird and in the story some even say that the bunny decorated the eggs with his paw prints to pay his love to nature for letting him adapt. This could explain why we decorated Easter eggs and share chocolate bunnies.

Why do we give chocolate on Easter?

The tradition of chocolate eggs began throughout the 19th century in Germany and France. Eventually it spread to the United States. The reason that chocolate was commonly given on Easter was because candy, specifically chocolates, was a common thing to give up during Lent. Easter would be the end of Lent, what better way to celebrate than with sweet chocolate candies.

Where does the Easter basket tradition come from?

The basket weaving tradition is also a big aspect of the Easter tradition. Children in Europe were encouraged to make their own nests from baskets or hats so that the Easter Bunny could lay eggs into their baskets. This would eventually turn into the modern-day practice of the Easter egg hunt, of course, with the use of baskets for easier carrying.

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