Indicators of Quality Chocolate


Not all chocolate is created equal, but can you tell the difference between quality chocolate and your everyday run of the mill chocolate? In order to tell if what you are eating is quality chocolate follow these tips.

1. Look – Before you eat your chocolate, look at it. Pretty simple, right? Your chocolate should be smooth and shiny, free from blemishes. If you are seeing white on your chocolate this means that it has “bloomed” due to being exposed to moisture or temperature differences. This does not affect the taste it for the most part, but will diminish it visual appeal.

2. Touch – A chocolate should feel smooth and silky. After it is in your hand for just a few seconds it should start to melt. Cocoa butters melting point the same as body temperature.

3. Scent – Once you unwrap your chocolate smell it. There should be a chocolaty aroma. Other smells then lend their subtle scent to quality chocolate are: fruits, nuts, and vanilla. If the smell of any of these is strong is it mostly likely a lower quality confection.

4. Listen – The crystalline structure of the cocoa butter in chocolate creates a clean SNAP when broken.

5. Taste- Start with a clean palate and a small piece of your chosen chocolate. Let it melt in your mouth to let it release its flavors.