I scream, you scream…

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…we all scream for Sinful Sweets ice cream! Ice cream, The Great American Dessert, could be considered the perfect hot weather treat.

Ice cream was mostly likely brought back from China to Europe  Over time the Italian and French royal courts began creating recipes and serving ices, sherbets, and milk ices. Once the dessert was imported to the United States, it was served by famous Americans beginning in the 1700s.

The first American ice cream parlor opened in New York City in 1776 and American colonists coined the term “ice cream”. Throughout the years there have been many improvements to the manufacturing of the cold treat.  It is unknown who invented the method of using ice mixed with salt to lower and control the temperature, but it was major breakthrough in technology.  A second important milestone in ice cream production was the wooden freezer bucket with rotary paddles.

As technologies continued to improve, ice cream became more distributable. Since then ice cream shops and soda fountains have become American staples.  During prohibition the soda fountain became, to some extent, a replacement for the outlawed saloons and bars.

From ice cream sundaes to cones, you can now find this frozen dessert almost anywhere you go.  Sinful Sweets Chocolate Company offers not only premium chocolate, but a variety of cold, creamy treats.  Not only do we serve ice cream, but we also offer milkshakes, ice cream floats and sundaes.  Monday’s are known as “Milkshake Monday” in the downtown shop and all shakes are discounted all day.