How To Pair Chocolate with Beer


Love chocolate? How about beer?  Combine the two for a delicious pairing!  Beer and chocolate are able to be paired together so well because there are many similarities between the two.  Both are fermented and were created before recorded history. Beer can be paired with a chocolate or brewed directly into the beverage.   Both items go well with a wide variety of foods.   Chocolate and beer also have a delicate balance of bitter and sweet.

Not sure where to start pairing?  Pick your favorite type brew and check out our tips below.

1. Malty Beers – If you are drinking a rich, malty beer chocolate is your friend! Doppelbocks are silky and warming, with nutty, molasses flavors.  When paired with chocolate, the richness is emphasized and alternating bits and sips brings out the warm spice flavors.

2. Fruit and Sour Beers – Traditional lambics brewed with whole fruit are a great choice for pairing with chocolate. White and milk chocolate are both great options for a fruit beer, your choice should weigh in on the tartness of the beer.   Another way to get your chocolate fix with  Lindemans Framboise also tastes great when mixed with Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.

3. Dark or Chocolate Beers – Porters, Stouts and Milk Stouts can all compliment chocolate wonderfully.  The beers are rich and silky and maybe already have chocolate undertones. They pair well will mint, nutty and coconut flavored chocolates.  Stouts are also a fantastic choice in making a rich, moist chocolate cake.

When pairing beer remember to choose a chocolate that will compare, contrast and cleanse.  Comparing refers to finding similar flavors in the beer and chocolate.  Whereas if you choose to pick contrasting flavors, you would still want to find a common ground that would compliment both. Cleansing indicates that your palate is being cleansed preparing your for your next bite of delicious chocolate.