How to Make Chocolate Dipped Candies


Chocolate dipped candies are favorite confection for many.  The process of creating these delightful treats is not complicated.  Read our steps below for insight on how we produce the many chocolate dipped items we carry in our store.

1. Choose & Melt the Chocolate– Before you can dip your chosen item in chocolate you need to determine which type of chocolate you would like to use. The different varieties of chocolate lend their own unique flavors and characteristics to the end product.  Once have your chocolate in hand, you will need to temper, or melt, it.  Chocolate that has been properly tempered has a smooth and shiny finish and gives a satisfying snap when bitten into.

2. Be Prepared – To create the best looking candies you will want to have your workstation prepared before you start dipping.  Make sure the area you are working in is cleaned and ready to go and that the tools you will be using are set out.  A baking sheet covered in parchment paper should be set up to place the newly dipped candies on.

3. Starting Dipping! – When you are dipping your candies in the prepared chocolate you will want the slide the edge of your fork or dipping tool under the center and lift gently.  Submerge the candy just under the surface of the chocolate.  When you are lifting the candy from the chocolate, tap it on the edge to remove excess chocolate.  Tilt your dipping tool to slide the candy off onto the baking sheet.  If you are choosing to add garnishes or other decorations to your candies it is best to do it before the chocolate has hardened.

4. Wait it out – Once you have dipped all your chocolates you will need to allow the chocolate to set.  This is best done in temperature ranging from 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you are in a warm area or need to speed up the process, chocolates can be placed in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

5. Finishing the Job – Once the chocolate is set, you will want to trim the small pools of chocolate that formed where you chocolates were placed.  You can do this by using a small knife, to avoid fingerprints on your chocolate wear gloves. This will give your finished candies a uniform look.  The confections should be stored in airtight containers should last for about 2 weeks.

The most important part of creating your own candies is to have fun! Be open to trying different flavor combinations and experimenting.  The best part of this is sampling your work!