How to Choose Chocolate


The quality of chocolate can vary greatly and the primary factor in the taste of the finished product.  One main factor that influences the the quality is the price factor.  Though you do not need to buy the most expensive candies to experience a good chocolate, you should beware that higher quality chocolates contain larger amounts of cocoa butter and cocoa solids.

The best way to choose chocolates with your 5 senses.  Look at your chocolate before tasting it.  The surface of the candy should be glossy and unblemished.  If you see a cloudy, gray or scarred surface it is a sign that the chocolate is old or was subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations.  The the next test is to break the chocolate into pieces.  You should hear a clean snap.  If the product bends or crumbles it is another sign of low quality or old chocolate.

The scent of chocolate will be strong in good quality chocolate confections.  The best way to test this is to gently run your fingers over the chocolate to warm it before smelling.  If it doesn’t smell like chocolate or smells strongly of another ingredient (vanilla for example) it probably won’t give you the chocolate taste you are expecting.  Chocolate does pick up odors from the environment it is, be aware of this is your chocolate smells of coffee, tea or other aromatics.

Last, but not least, the taste of your choice of chocolate.  How does the chocolate feel at it melts in your mouth? Is it waxy? Chewy or dense? The preferred mouth feel is smooth and velvety.  You will also want to pay attention to the other flavors you pick up.  You may find that you are tasting floral notes, citrus, berry, coffee, or wine undertones.  Do you taste the flavors all at once in a burst or do they gradually change and linger in your mouth?

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