Holiday Gift Shopping Tips


Christmas shopping can be difficult, with so many choices to make and so many personalities to consider.  Some gifts end up being more a sign of appreciation than anything else.  Stop and think for a second.  How many of the gifts you’ve bought were actually a useful gift?  How many simply sat in the corner of the recipient’s house for years?

Have you yet considered buying a gourmet holiday gift?  How about buying your friend or family member some decadent, sinful sweets?  Chocolate…now we’re talking!  It’s an easy gift that won’t be demoted to sitting in a corner for years to come.  Sweets make a great holiday gift, because (let’s be honest with ourselves), who does not like decadent candies, especially during the holidays?

Shop Online

These days a lot more shopping is done online, and even sweets can be purchased online and delivered to your home, making gourmet holiday gifts an extremely easyWhite and Pink Boxed Chocolates solution for your Christmas shopping this year.  Save yourself the hassle, and avoid the Christmas shopping rush.  One of the available options for online-ordered gourmet holiday gifts is ordering directly one which features our hand-made, easy-to-order dessert gifts ranging from dark chocolates to marvelous Macarons to tasty cupcakes to delicious truffles and gourmet gift baskets.  Every online purchase comes with a free bonus item, our traditional hazelnut toffee!  You can either use this to supplement your gift to your friend, or you can secretly enjoy the toffee on your own—your friend never has to know about it!

Traditional Candies or Sinful Sweets

Traditional confections offered by Sinful Sweets include chocolate bars, chocolate pretzels, chocolate-covered creams, toffee, and truffles.  If you’re looking to venture into sinful territory, check out our varieties of chocolate covered bacon, chocolate bark, cake pops or cupcakes and gourmet candy apples.  Other specialty items include peanut butter s’mores, chocolate-covered fruits, and Bourbon caramels.

Gift Baskets

If you really want to go all out for a special someone, try ordering one of the amazing gift baskets!  These gift baskets come at a range of price points and included artistically arranged items, such as tropical and other chocolate-covered fruits.  These edible arrangements are sure to make a lasting impression.  What better way to show you care about someone than a gift basket with chocolate covered fruits? If you’re looking for high-end, creative sweets, look no further than Sinful Sweets.

Sinful Sweets is a small business located in Pittsburgh, PA.  Owned and operated by Christopher George, a self-proclaimed chocolate fiend, Sinful Sweets has grown rapidly in the past 4 years since their inception.  The company now operates in the Cultural District of downtown Pittsburgh.  Sinful Sweets specializes in unique, gourmet sweets and holiday gifts.

Happy holidays!