The History of the Waffle Cone


Ice cream is among one of the many foods that people are fascinated with. From young children to adults, ice cream is a delicious dessert for all ages. Whenever you hear the words “ice cream” you instantly imagine the cold, creamy treat–a delicious food that warms the heart with fond memories of who you’ve shared it with. And when enjoying this food, you must also give credit the crunchy waffle cone it is served in. This oversize cone invites you to indulge in a scoop or two of your favorite ice cream flavor. Keep reading to learn more about the history of waffle cones.

There are many different kinds of cones, the wafer cones, sugar cone and cake cups. But one that started it all is waffle cone.

Do you know that the waffle cone dates back 6000-2000 BCE? If you are a lover of ice cream you probably already know this fact. During the Neolithic period, there were several occasions that can be considered a starting point for the waffle cone. The first being the emergence of a rustic hotcake made up of cereal pulps that was prepared on heated stones. This is just a simple development of waffle cone that is not yet associated with chocolate sauce, syrup and whipped cream. This is is just the beginning of our one of our favorite desserts.

During 1100-146 BCE, the cone progressed from the rustic hotcake of the Neolithic period to the time of Ancient Greeks where we have “cakes”. These cakes are being called wafers or oblelos. These delicious cakes are being cooked between two heated, metal plates. If the Neolithic period emerges the essence of waffle cone, Ancient Greeks continue this through their cakes that have now two flavors – herb and cheese.

Waffle cones continue to develop during the 13th and 16th centuries. During the 13th century, there are now early waffle patterns and designs such as a coat of arms, landscape or even religious symbols. And in 16th century these waffle patterns grew in number. Street vendors are now selling waffles the size of small pizzas that gives an additional interest to the waffle cone/

The journey of the waffle cone continues to progress during the year 1904. Ernest Hamwi, a concessionaire from Syria was making zalabia pastries, including the Italian pizzelles. His interest brought an essential part on waffle cones due to Abe Doumar, another concessionaire from Syria, who built upon Hamwi’s way of making pastries. He used the method of Hamwi as his guide on generating different types of pastries. And finally he had an idea that waffle can be filled with ice cream.

In 1910, a Syrian immigrant, Hamwi became the famous person for his way to serve ice cream. The popularity grew during the 1904 World’s Fair. After the World Fair, Hamwi associated with J.P. Heckle and begun the company named Cornucopia Waffle.

Today there are several different options of eating ice cream, from dishes to cone to with cake. Stop in to Sinful Sweets to try a variety of different classic and seasonal ice cream flavors. Choose from one of our cake, sugar or plain or candy coated waffle cones to make your treat extra special. We can’t wait to hear which is your favorite!