Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate


Summer is right around the corner and everyone is looking forward to more time outdoors in the sun.  Along with the warm weather, comes shorts and bikini season.  A main concern of many is their appearance and being healthy.  One fact that is often forgotten when making these healthier decisions is the benefits of eating chocolate.

Dark Chocolate is a good source of fiber, which helps you feel longer.  If you are a regular chocolate eater this is one tip that can help you from snacking on other items that aren’t as likely to contain fiber. Another benefit is that dark chocolate can help to reduce your cravings for other sweet, salty or fattening snacks.

A major concern in the sunny months, and year round, is the protection of your skin from the sun.  Dark chocolate is also good for your skin! Due to the type of antioxidants, flavonoids, that are found in it, it offers from protection from UV damage caused by the sun.  This doesn’t mean you should skip the sunscreen.

Hopefully you aren’t feeling stressed as you are out enjoying the sun, but if you are chocolate is a great mood booster. Indulging yourself in something sweet can help you to feel calmer and reduce levels of stress studies show by reducing stress hormone levels and mitigating the metabolic effects.

Summer love is a blast, as long as your heart is in good shape! Studies have shown that those who eat 1-2 serving of dark chocolate a week cut their risk for heart failure by one third.  In another study, people that 1 square of dark chocolate per day lowered their blood pressure and risk of heart attack and stroke by about 39%.  This benefit comes again from the flavonoids found in chocolate.

Remember to snack smart!  To see the health benefits of dark chocolate you want to eat chocolate that is at least 70% cacao.  Even though there are many benefits of eating your favorite sweet moderation is still key.