Happy New Year!


The holidays have come and gone.  It’s a new year, 2015.  All around the globe people have celebrated the coming of another year. There are many traditions that are celebrated each year around the world.  In many countries, celebrations begin on New Year’s Eve (December 31st) and continue into the early hours of New Year’s Day (January 1st).

Common traditions that happen in many in countries include watching fireworks and singing songs to ring in the New Year.  A popular song for many English speaking countries is “Auld Lang Syne”.  The habit of making a resolution for the coming year is also widely popular.  This is thought to have originated in ancient Babylon.  Babylonians made promises to earn good graces from the gods and start the new year off on the right foot.

In the United States, the classic dropping of the ball in Times Square is a favorite tradition.  This event is watched by millions of people around the world and has taken place almost yearly since 1907.  This event is so popular that many towns now have their own smaller versions of the ritual.

The Chinese New Year is celebrated with a huge parade led by a silk dragon.  People carry lanterns and throw firecrackers to “keep the dragon awake”. Chinese New Year is celebrated in accordance with Chinese calendar.  Red envelopes are passed out that contain money, and sometimes chocolate coins are found in the packets as well. Other sweets are also exchanged during this celebration.

In France, the New Year celebration lasts from January 1st through February 1st.   Greeting cards and gifts are exchanged throughout the month-long celebration. Champagne or other sparkling wine toasts are popular as well as chocolate treats and other small confections wrapped in a way that pop like firecrackers as you open them.

Sydney Australia hosts two Fireworks shows on New Year’s Eve over Sydney Harbour.  It is one of the world’s biggest events, and the second midnight show is globally broadcast.  New Year’s Eve is celebrated in the summer in Australia, the great weather allows for large crowds to attend.

In Germany, many attended a church service that ends at midnight.  Many cities host large, public parties that begin in the evening featuring local or national music.  Fireworks and firecrackers are often set off at midnight.  Another symbol of the night is the four leaf clover as a symbol of good luck.

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