Give Thanks


give thanks There’s not a person on earth that doesn’t love holidays, in addition to days off from work and school it is a time filled with festivity, warmth, and the holiday spirit. I remember when I was a little kid, I used to get super excited when the holiday season came along, with the days off from school and presents and not to mention the snow, it was and still is my favorite part of the year. But thanksgiving holds a special part in my heart, as this is a time when we give thanks for all the blessings in our lives. If anything else there’s food and that’s as good as any reason, right? Jokes aside, it is the time of being thankful for the blessings of the previous year. Though most cultures of the world have a day  similar to Thanksgiving Day it may be known under different names and different days for the celebration.

But when did this wonderful day originate? As mentioned earlier, different cultures celebrate it on different days and as such, they have a different origin but in America, the tradition originates back from the 1620s when the Plymouth settlers enjoyed a fall feast with the local Wampanoag Indians to celebrate a bountiful harvest. However, the tradition of the Thanksgiving feast did not become official until President George Washington declared the nation would celebrate a day of Thanksgiving on November 26th, 1789. President Roosevelt, however, signed the resolution in 1941, which would move the official date from the last Thursday in November to the fourth Thursday of the month.

Though originally it was celebrated as a way to express thanks for a bountiful harvest that year, in modern times it’s the perfect to express your gratitude for all the things you hold dear in your life. It is now almost a tradition to serve turkey for the Thanksgiving dinner, and for dessert, pie is served. The holiday season traditionally begins when Thanksgiving ends, on “Black Friday” which is the day after Thanksgiving; this tradition has held forth since at least the 1930s. Black Friday is also the day when numerous stores and businesses hold sales and this also starts the Christmas shopping seasons. In a few days after Thanksgiving, you will see Christmas inspired decorations and songs being played.

As mentioned earlier, the cause of celebrating Thanksgiving is different and more diverse than the original cause, you can use this day to be thankful for the love and support of all the people in your life who have supported you and stood by you through thick and thin. Think about it, it’s Thanksgiving day, it’s the perfect opportunity to show your gratitude for all the things you hold dear in your life.  This year, express your gratitude the same way, show your loved ones how thankful you are for their love and support, after all, it’s Thanksgiving Day.