Chocolate, Perfectly Wrapped


Crisp, shiny paper and a perfectly tied bow are just two of the possible ingredients that can make your gift not only look special but give it that little something extra.  For a young child the gift inside the wrapping paper, box, or bag is sure to bring excitement. However as adult, the complete package is more appreciated.  When it comes to chocolate there are many unique ways to package your products.  See below for five ideas we thought made the gift.

1. Playful – A cellophane bag filled with your treat can be easy way to show off your product.  Get an added bonus on the fun factor if your chocolate are molded into a fun shape.  Add a bow that coordinates with your logo that is neatly placed on the bag and you have a simple yet effective way to package your product.

2. Trendy – Bright, vibrant and colorful! Wrap your chocolate in a graphic paper and add a hip font.  The packaging with catch their eye, but the indescribable taste of your confection is what will keep them coming back for more.

3. Couture – Simply stun your audience with this high end packaging that goes hand in hand with your high quality delicacies.  Choose a simple box with your brand name embossed and add a pop of color on the inside.

4. Simple – Nothing says classic like your chocolates in a solid color box printed with your logo printed on the top.  Let your confections speak for themselves in this simple, yet classy presentation.  Feel free to dress it up for those special occasions with a satin bow.

5. Professional – For the corporate world keep it professional, you never know what top dog might receive your candy as a gift.  A clean cut design and your unique flavors will remind them to take a break and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

These are just a few of the many ways available to give your sweets the special treatment they deserve.  Let us know your favorites or any creative packaging that has caught your eye.  No matter what way you wrap it (or unwrap it) we hope your in child loves the present inside.