What are Chocolate Meltaways?

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A meltaway refers to the various types of cakes, cookies, and confections that to seem to melt in the mouth.  Meltaways, in a confectionary term, are a eutectic candy.  A eutectic refers to a combination of fats that melt at a lower temperature than a singular fat by itself.  This is what creates the creamy center of a meltaway.

Meltaways are unique in that the melting point is well below that of chocolate (94० F) and coconut oil (92० F).  The center of a meltaway chocolate is created by mixing chocolate with lauric fat (coconut oil for example) and letting it set.  This is similar to a ganache, minus the dairy.

Meltaways come in many different flavors and are relatively easy to make.  A few of the most popular varieties are chocolate, mint and peanut butter, however they can be made using almost any type of flavoring for the creamy center.

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