Cake Pops: A Trend or a New Tradition?


The classic lollipop got a makeover when cake pops were introduced around 2008.  These bite sized pieces of cake on a stick have proved to be a trend with staying power!  These delicious treats that can be made in any flavor are a great snack or addition to your catered event.  With the flexibility in flavors and decoration possibilities they are a great choice for baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, corporate events or the after school (or work) indulgence.

What are they?
Cake pops are balls of cake or cake crumbs mixed with frosting or melted chocolate that are then attached to a lollipop stick.  Once the mixture is solidified it is decorated with frosting, melted chocolate, sprinkles or any variety of crumbles that will compliant the cake. In addition to the classic ball shape, lollicakes can be molded into a variety of shapes and decorated in many different ways.

Where can you find them?
If you are looking for cake pops or lollicakes in Pittsburgh, look no further than Sinful Sweets Chocolate Company.  We offer a wide variety of flavors and combination and are developing seasonal lollicakes as well. Our cake pops can be bought in our store, online or special ordered for you event.  Our lollicakes vary in flavor from traditional birthday cake to sweet Cookies and Cream to  our savory “Breakfast of Champions”, which is a french toast cake with maple cream cheese icing dipped in white chocolate and topped with bacon.

Cake pops not only offer the perfect sized sweet to get your through your sweet craving, we think you’ll find it hard to try just one of our expanding selection of unique and classic combinations. Love at first bite? We think so!