Back To School!


With school back in session, lunches and snacks are are the top of everyone’s mind. Sinful Sweets has some new creations with fall flavors that would be perfect for classroom treats, taking along in a packed lunch, or after school snacks.

Part of giving kids the energy that they need in school requires having a great lunch. While most parents don’t like the idea of sending along sweets with school lunches sometimes these can act as an ample reward for going to school and staying studying hard each day. Teachers also like the idea of giving out sweet treats because they can act as an excellent reward system or prize system in the classroom for small, friendly competitions or quizzes.

Candy Apples: Candy apples are perhaps one of the greatest back-to-school treats that kids can get their hands on. There is something that is very magical related to fall and crisp apples. Whole apples or slicing one into slices are a great option for back-to-school lunches and Sinful Sweets has plenty of dessert options that incorporate the autumn taste of apples. (Please call ahead for caramel apple orders.)

Pumpkin Flavors: With Thanksgiving right around the corner, pumpkin and spiced flavors are dominating the desserts for the early fall season. While not all kids like the idea of pumpkin flavored snacks, you can get your hands on some pies and bars that you may want to take along in your lunch just as much as your kids.  Looking for something a little more decadent, try our pumpkin cupcakes that are filled with caramel, topped with maple icing and topped off with pumpkin pie spices.

Toffee: Toffee treats, bars and cakes are an excellent way that you can enjoy a bit of warmth throughout the fall and early winter season. Toffee has the sweetness the kids crave as well as the rich flavors that many adults are looking for in a fall treat. For some of the perfect back-to-school treats and sweets, toffee is an easy choice for many, sweet and 

Keep some of these options in mind for back-to-school and remember that Sinful Sweets has plenty of great choices for the fall season!