5 Reasons Why We Love Our Location


How many times have you heard “Location, location, location”?  The physical location of your business can say a lot about your company and who your target customer base is.  We want to tell you why we love our Pittsburgh location!

1. The Cultural District – Not only are we lucky to be located in the best city, but we are in the heart of downtown in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District.  This allows us to serve not only the day time businesses that are close by, but also those who are attending shows and events in the city. It doesn’t hurt having these theaters nearby for own enjoyment too.

2. The Sports Venues – The best of both worlds? We think so! While we call the Cultural district home, we are only a short walk away from PNC Park and Heinz field.  What a great crowd of people we get to share our products with when there are home games!

3. The Conventions – The David L. Lawrence Convention Center is just located a few blocks from our store and brings so many great events into our city.  We love meeting new people when they are in town and hearing what they think about our Sinful Sweets.

4. The Dining – Nothing is better than trying out a new restaurant and finishing off the day with chocolate for dessert.  There are so many great places to try, not only downtown but in our surrounding neighborhoods.  Your palate should never get bored with the food options in Pittsburgh.  The great culinary options available are also great inspiration for our products!

5. The Landscape – The convergence of the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers is a unique aspect to our city that we can add to our list of bragging rights.  Not only do the three rivers add to the beauty of the city, we have areas like Mount Washington that let us take in the spectacular views on the skyline.

Whether or not you are Pittsburgh resident  you have to admit this is a pretty great place to be!  We look forward to continuing to serve the ‘Burgh and enjoying the great people and culture that the city has to offer.