3 Reasons Chocolate is Addictive


You are a self-proclaimed chocoholic. You crave chocolate. Ever wonder why? There are three main components to addition: intense craving, loss of control over the object that you craved and continued to engage in eating it despite the outcome. At least your desire for chocolate can be easily satisfied with a visit to Sinful Sweets Chocolate Company!

Many cravings can be contributed to our emotional state rather than hunger. Foods that contain sugar and fat trigger pathways in the brain that are related to the feeling of being “rewarded”. Studies have shown that people experience reactions when eating chocolate such as intense pleasure and craving for more. Chocolate contains both sugar and fat and is often eaten in response to stressful situations.

The influence of stress eating is another link connection between food and addictive behavior. Eating your favorite confection while under stress provides a feeling of comfort. What better comfort food can you think of than biting into a chocolate bar or eating a hand-dipped milkshake? Is it worth catering to your sweet tooth? We think so!

Chocolate is more frequently craved by women than men. When we eat chocolate serotonin is released, which makes us feel happier. Generally chocolate is not considered a true “addiction”. While chocolate does contain some mood-altering ingredients, these same substances are found in many other foods. Because chocolate is considered a “sinful but sweet” treat, it can be seen as something we desire but should resist.

Next time you have a craving for a piece of chocolate or another candy think of Sinful Sweets. We offer the best selection of hand-dipped chocolates in our downtown store and our new location in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. Focus on the experience and enjoy our premium confections!